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- A -

access credentials

AD Authentication

add a role

add a topology link

add a word document template

add an API task

allocate tenants to Front Server Controller

Ansible Integration

define Ansible node in Runbook

define inventory

define playbook


API Plugin

API Plugin Manager

API server manager

API Stub Manager

api triggered task stub

call tasks in third-party systems

view task results

Application Manager

application weight

define applications and paths

view path result

apply dynamic data view

apply static data view

audit log

auto layout

auto link

auto update

- B -

benchmark log

browse a topology link in details

browse comparison resultes

browse domains under a tenant

browse events

browse runbooks

- C -

calculate a path

calculate path across ACI fabric

call a parer


change management

access control

approve network change

archive network change

browse network change tasks

Compare before and after network change

define a benchmark after node

define a benchmark before node

define a compare node

define Approval node

define Change node

define Execute node

define Note node

execute a network change node

execute benchmark before network change

execute network change on-demand

implement network change

schedule to execute network change

change password

checkpoint OPSEC Manager

clean domain data

CLI command parser

close a map


compare device data

compare device data between two devices

compare device data on same device

compare network changes

configuration command

Configuration Compliance

configuring private network settings

container site

content settings

create a Dashboard from map

create a Dashboard from scratch

create a dashboard template

create a data view template

create a device group

create a domain

create a Gapp

create a map

create a network change task

create a Qapp

Create a Runbook

Create a Runbook Template

create a Tenant

create a widget

create site hierarchy

create user accounts

customize auto link options

customize dashboard templates

customize inventory report

- D -


advanced configurations

export to Word

generic widgets

redesign layout

Dashboard Manager

data source

data tables

data view

edit a static data view

Map Data View Manager

share a data view

data view category

Data View Manager

data view template


compound variable

device highlight

device note

drill-down actions

input variable

interface highlight

interface note

data view template manager

default data view

default runbook

define analysis and alert

define command and parser

define device queue and device

define variables

delete a data view

deploy system

Deployment Prerequisites

design reader


desktop profile

device details

device group

map devices in a device group

open a device group map

device group map

device image

device note

device properties

device type

disable a topology link

discover a vCenter network

discover an ACI network

discover an NSX-V network

discover Meraki devices

discover network devices

do-not-scan list

discovery log


Domain Manager

decommissioned devices

discovered by snmp

discovered devices

missed devices

MPLS cloud

unknown IP

unknown snmp sysobjectID

do-not-scan list

duplicated IP and subnet

dynamic search

- E -

edit a config file with VI editor

email domain whitelist

event console

event attributes

execute benchmark after network change

execute CLI commands

export a map

export inventory report

extend neighbors

external authentication

- F -


fix-up route table

force logout

forgot password

- G -

Gapp Center

Gapp Elements


add device property

add interface property

getting started for admin

Global Data Repository

Golden Path

- H -

highlight maps

- I -

import a map

install Ansible Agent

install Application Server on Windows

install Database Server

install Elasticsearch

install Front Server

install Front Server Controller

install License Agent

install MongoDB

install RabbitMQ

install Redis

install Service Monitor Agent

install Smart CLI

install Task Engine

install Web/Web API Server

install Worker Server

Instant Qapp

drag and drop

Instant Qapp Control Panel

integrate with third-party systems

interface name translation

interface properties

interface type

internet cloud

inventory report

new inventory report

- L -

LDAP/AD authentication

leaf site


subscription license

trial license

live access settings

live device data

lock a qapp

lock a topology link

log in to domain

log in to Domain Management page

log in to System Management page

log in to Tenant Management page

log out


- M -

manage live access settings

manage map data

manage network change credential

manage system users accounts

managing online users


auto layout

auto link

auto link options

customize map view options

device note

device style

editing rights

export to visio

export to word

extend neighbors

get editing rights

Map Data View Manager

map devices in a device group

open a device group map

overview map

release editing rights

request editing rights

site map

transfer editing rights

map a historical path

map a path

map devices in a device group

map devices in a site

map layer 2 topology

map layout style

map page

map tool

lock a map

map stencil

map tools


minitor qapp

module properties

MPLS cloud

MTU data


device driver

device driver properties

device type

vendor model

Multi-vendor support list

- N -


Network change template

network definition

network documentation

network documents

Network pane

network settings

- O -

obtain device configuration

open a map

operations on Qapp nodes

OUI information

overall health monitor

overview map

- P -

Parser Library

password policy



path gateway

recalculate a path

run Qapp on a path

path browser

add a path

organize path

path result

path settings

path data source

path protocol

path technologies for nulti-vendor



execute plugin

pop-up api stub

port to protocol list

predefine network context

private cli settings

Python scripting

- Q -


basic output




device queue

filter criteria


input variable

monitor output


run a Qapp

script output


table input

table operator

Qapp API

class api


extension library

module api

Qapp APIs

Qapp Center

Qapp description

Qapp elements

Qapp-based report


- R -

rebuild sites

rebuild topology

recalculate a path

refresh map

release map editing rights

request map editing rights

reset password

retrieve device data

retrieve live data

roles and privileges

Run a Gapp

run a qapp

run a runbook

run Qapp on a path


action manager

add note


run a runbook

runbook list

- S -

save a map

save a qapp

save and run monitor qapp

schedule map updates

schedule tasks

benchmark task settings

create benchmark task

create discovery task

schedule basic system benchmark task

schedule discovery task


advanced search

dynamic search

special search

search for dashboards

search for device groups

search for devices

search for maps

search for network segments

search for paths

search for sites

search patterns

select domain

session timeout

set up domain

share a dashboard

share a map

share policy

Shared Device Settings

Advanced Device Settings

sign up

Single Pane of Glass

define generic variable

define SPOG URL


site map

Site Manager

add container site

add leaf site

back up site definition

create site hierarchy

delete sites

export sites

rebuild sites

site map

Smart CLI

Access Credential

compare to view changes

connect device

Connect device from CLI window

Connect device from map

document CLI command

SNMP parser

special search


System Automation Manager

system email server settings

System Management

system overview

system requirements

system task manager

system usage report

- T -

TACACS+ authentication

Task Manager


topology link manager

Topology Link Style

topology stitching

topology type


transfer map editing rights

Troubleshoot application path change

tune live access


tune shared device settings

tune shared network settings

tuning private network settings

- U -

uninstall Cache Server

uninstall Front Server

uninstall Index Server

uninstall License Agent Server

uninstall Message Server

uninstall MongoDB Server

uninstall Worker Server

unknown IP

incorrect privilege password

login credentials mismath

update map

use api data in netbrain

user profile

Using Convert Operator to Convert Table

- V -

variable display settings

variable mapping

add variable mappings for multi-source

add variable mappings for multi-vendor

vendor model

Verify Path

view notifications

view path log

visualize third-party data

- W -