Besides the maps created on-demand, each site or device group (excluding media) has its auto-generated map to reflect the topology among sites and devices. When network changes occur, map data is out-of-date, such as topology and data views. Through recurring benchmark tasks, you can schedule map updates with the latest benchmark data and regularly export maps to Visio files. See Benchmark Task Settings for more details.

The updates of the following map types can be scheduled in the system:

Map files for sites, public/system device groups

Public map file

Note: Only users with the domain management privilege can schedule to update maps and manage the updated maps. For the map contents that can be updated, see Updating a Map for more details.

Browsing Map Updates Results

1.Log in to the Domain Management Page.

2.In the Domain Management page, select Operations > Benchmark Tools > Update Map Manager from the quick access toolbar.

3.On the Update Map Manager tab, all the maps updated through benchmark tasks are listed. You can click a link in the Update Source column to go to the benchmark task.

Tip: You can click Restore All, or point to the target entry and click Restore to restore maps by selecting the timestamp of backups.



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