Scheduling Benchmark and Discovery Tasks

To keep your network data up-to-date, you can schedule to perform benchmark and discovery tasks regularly.

The system provides the following built-in tasks:

Basic System Benchmark — regularly collects live data as baselines to build topology, calculate paths, and recalculate device groups, sites, and MPLS Virtual Route Tables.

Scheduled System Discovery — discovers new devices in your network and adds them to your domain automatically.

In addition to the built-in tasks, you can define your own tasks. See Creating Benchmark Tasks or Creating Discovery Tasks for more details.

Note: Make sure that Front Servers can successfully access your live network via SNMP/Telnet/SSH before task execution. If one task is still running when the next execution cycle starts, the next cycle will be canceled to avoid duplicates.

Task Log and Data Storage

As soon as a task is executed, the corresponding Execution Log is generated. You can check the task result or troubleshoot a data retrieval failure in logs. The retrieved network data is stored in Current Baseline.