The following table lists the available data sources that can be used for data analysis, such as running a Qapp, comparing network data.

Data Analysis Type

Data Source


History Data

Select a Time Point

Use the saved device data which is nearest to the specified historical time point.

Default search scope: ± 2 hours.

Select a Time Period

Use the latest device data saved during the specified historical time period.

For example, there are two benchmark tasks over a specified time, and task1 was executed earlier than task2. The task1 successfully retrieved device configuration and ARP but did not get MAC table, while the task2 successfully retrieved ARP/MAC table but did not get the configuration, then the system will use the configuration retrieved in task1 and ARP/MAC table retrieved in task2 as the data source.

Current Baseline

Use the latest device data saved in the database directly.

Live Data

Pull Live Data Once

Log in to the device instantly to retrieve live data for once.

Pull Live Data Regularly

Log in to the device to retrieve live data regularly based on the customized frequency.

Default Live

Log in to the device instantly to retrieve real-time data.

This option is only available in the following locations:

Device Details pane - Configuration File and Data Tables

Dashboard widgets, such as Configlet by Config Parser

When you click Retrieve, it will be selected as the data source.

Tip: The retrieved data can be saved as Current Baseline for history data analysis.


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