After you create a map and save it for further use, there may be some changes in the live network causing your map data out of date, such as the connectivity changes of devices.

To update a map by using the data from the current baseline, click Map > Update Map on the map toolbar. The updated results will be saved in the map file automatically.

Note: Only the user who has the editing rights of the map file can update it.

The following contents will be updated:

Network Objects — devices, MPLS clouds, sites, device groups, media and stencils. For example, the device which has been removed from the domain, will be removed from the map with the connected links.

Links (topology) — the connectivity among devices and sites on the map. For example, when the connected interfaces are changed between two devices, the currently connected interfaces will be drawn on the map replacing the old ones.

Data View — the device data displayed on the map, such as device CPU and interface protocol.

Map Layout (only applicable to site and device group maps) — the arrangement of device positions on the map.


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