To prevent a map file or a dashboard file from being modified by multi-user concurrently and thus cause conflicts, each map file or dashboard file can only have one editor.

The editing rights can be transferred within a team so that all team members have the chance to share their insights. By default, the creator of a map or dashboard owns its initial editing rights.

Map/dashboard editors can:

oRelease Editing Rights

oTransfer Editing Rights

oApprove an Editing Rights Request

Map/dashboard viewers can:

oRequest Editing Rights

oGet Editing Rights

Map Editing Rights

Map viewers cannot save any changes to a map file or update the map file unless they save it as another map.

Note: The users who have the Domain Management privilege can directly delete any public map file of which editing rights is unclaimed or occupied by other users. A system notification and an email will be sent to their current map editors after the map file is deleted.

For site maps and device group maps:

The editing rights of a site map or system device group map is granted to the user who firstly opens the map, and automatically released once the user closes the map.

Only the users with the Site Management privilege can own the editing rights of a site map when they open it.

For the maps of public device groups and personal device groups, the device group creator owns the editing rights by default.

The editing rights of a site map or a system device group map will be automatically released from its editor immediately after the editor is forced to log out of the system by a system admin.

Dashboard Editing Rights

Dashboard viewers cannot save any changes to a dashboard file, but they can save it as another dashboard for further editing.

Tip: Dashboard viewers can comment on widgets in a dashboard by adding notes.


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