Configuring Email Settings

To email system events or messages to your end users, configure an email server as follows:

1.Log in to the System Management page.

2.In the System Management page, select the Email Settings tab.

3.In the Email Settings > Email Server Settings tab, select the Enable Email Server Settings check box.

4.Configure the following fields.



Default Value

SMTP Server

Specify the IP address of an SMTP server.



Specify the port number that the SMTP server listens to.



Specify the type of encrypted connection, such as SSL or TLS.


Sender Email Address

Specify the email address for system emails.


Password (Optional)

Select to specify a password of the sender email address.


Send Email Frequency

Specify the time interval for email alerts. The system will not duplicate email alerts to receivers until the specified time interval has past.

5 minutes

Email Signature (Optional)

Set up an email signature that can be applied to all system emails.


Tip: Before saving the changes, you can click Test to verify whether the settings are valid.

5.Click Save.

Note: If the antivirus software McAfee has been installed on the NetBrain Application Server (Web Server), you need to check that whether the mass mailing service is blocked by the McAfee process as follows, which may cause the failure of mail delivery.


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