Opening a Device Group Map

As soon as a device group is created, the corresponding device group map is generated and named with the device group name.

Note: The generated device group map only contains devices. The topology among devices on this map is not affected by the settings in Map Settings > Auto Link between Nodes.

1.Click the start menu and select Device Group.

Tip: You can also double-click a device group icon on a map to open the device group map.

2.In the Device Group pane, expand the device group tree and right-click the target device group to select Open Group Map. A map page opens and all devices in the device group are displayed on the map.

Tip: For the maps of public device groups and personal device groups, the device group creator owns the map editing rights by default; for the maps of system device groups, the user who firstly opens the map owns the editing rights. See Map Editing Rights for more details.


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