Device Group is a collection of devices or interfaces configured with the same routing protocol or categorized by certain logical conditions. You can use device groups to better organize network devices and interfaces depending on your network scale.

There are the following types of device groups:

My Device Groups — contains private device groups that are only accessible to yourself. To share a private device group as public, see Sharing a device group for details.

Shared Device Groups — contains device groups that can be accessible to all users in the current domain.

Policy Device Groups — contains device groups that are used for Defining Device Access Policy.

System Device Groups — contains the system built-in device groups which are generated after the routing protocol calculation for the discovered devices. Every system device group collects devices configured with the same routing protocol and AS number, and is also named with the routing protocol and the AS number, such as #EIGRP 100. The device groups in this category are not intended to be modified or deleted.

Media — contains the media used to connect interfaces of multiple devices (multi-point) together in a specific topology type, including WAN, DMVPN, MPLS Cloud, bus and so on. For example, a LAN segment in IPv4 L3 topology.

Note: Only the users with the privilege of Shared Resource Management can create, edit or delete a device group in the Public category.


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