The system provides the following pre-defined roles, and the default privileges of each role are listed as follows.



Domain Admin

Power User



Network Change Creator

Network Change Executor

Network Change Approver

Portal Temp User

Domain Management

Log in to the Domain Management page and do the following domain management tasks:

View, export, and delete discovery report in the Fine Tune

Add network definition

View, add, modify, delete, and disable topology links in the Topology Link Manager

Resolve duplicated IPs and subnets in the Duplicated IP and Subnet Manager

Add checkpoint OPSEC tasks in the Checkpoint OPSEC Manager

Configure network security settings and L2/L3 topology building options

Configure a desktop profile for all users under a domain




Share Policy Management

Configure share policy (assign domain access and privileges to other users in this domain)








Device Management

Add, modify, and remove MPLS cloud

Remove devices from a domain




Shared Resource and File Management

Only system/tenant administrator can edit built-in files in the shared folder of Device Group, Qapp, Gapp, Parser, Dashboard Widget and Template, and Runbook Template



Site Management

Add MPLS clouds and unclassified network devices from the Fine Tune to a site

Open the Site Manager to do site management, such as creating, editing, deleting, importing, committing, and rebuilding sites




Discover/Tune Network Device

Create a do-not-scan list

Add discovery tasks from the Start Page or the Schedule Task page

Rediscover selected IPs and devices in the Fine Tune

Tune live access

Run on-demand discoveries




Schedule Benchmark

Add benchmark tasks from the Start Page or the Schedule Task page




Manage Network Settings

Configure and manage shared network settings




Manage Device Settings

Configure and manage shared device settings for each device in a domain from the following entries:

Site pane


Fine Tune


Tune Live Access



Access to Live Network

Retrieve live device data from the network, which includes:

Run CLI commands and Qapps on a map page or in a runbook

Run monitor (Qapp-based) widgets and retrieve live data in static widgets in a dashboard

Retrieve variables once or monitor variables periodically from the live network in Instant Qapp

Calculate live paths (use the live network as the data source)

Browse live access logs

Create Network Change

Create network change tasks






Execute Network Change

Execute network change tasks






Approve Network Change

Approve network change tasks






View Network Change

View network change tasks



Map Layout Management

Associate layout styles with site maps and shared device group maps




Variable Mapping Management

View and manage variable mappings




Run Qapp

Run and schedule Qapp tasks


Golden Baseline Manual Definition

Define golden baseline manually



Golden Baseline Dynamic Calculation Management

Enable or disable dynamic calculation to set golden baseline








View and define SPOG URL







Portal Management

Manage function portals







Private Resource Management

Manage private resources including:




Data View Template



Primary Probe Management

Create, read, update, and delete Primary Probes







Secondary and External Probe Management

Create, read, update, and delete Secondary and External Probes



Adaptive Monitoring Polling Control

Manage Adaptive Monitoring Polling including:

Adjust polling frequency

Configure blocking time

Configure polling delay







Triggered Intent Management


Install Triggered Intent

Edit Execution Tree






Schedule CLI Command


Add Schedule CLI Commands



Run Ansible Task


Execute Ansible Task node in Network Change (CM) and Runbook