1.Click the start menu and select Device Group.

2.In the Device Group pane, right-click the My Device Groups node or the Public node, and select New Device Group from the drop-down menu.

Note: The device groups in the My Device Groups category are accessible to yourself; the device groups in the Public category are accessible to all domain users.

3.In the Device Group Properties dialog, enter the name and short description for the device group.

4.Use one of the following ways to add devices or interfaces to the device group:

Adding devices or interfaces dynamically
Adding devices or interfaces manually
Importing devices

Tip: If you don't want some devices or interfaces to be added to the group, click Exclude.

5.Click OK. The devices or interfaces are listed in the table.

Tip: The created device group with the icon in front means this group only contains devices, and with the icon means this group contains interfaces, or devices and interfaces.

Tip: To share your device group, right-click it and then select Move to Public.