The Auto Layout function can automatically organize map objects based on network infrastructure, sample layout, or geometry. With this function, you can save manual laboring for map layout and it will be more convenient to find or manage devices on a map.

Layout Types and Use Flows

The system offers the following types of map layout. See Layout Types for more details.

Layout by Tag — organizes devices based on their tags to reflect real network infrastructure, such as the three-layer network hierarchy. To use the layout by tag:

1.Create a Layout Style

2.Apply a Layout Template on Map

Layout by Sample — organizes devices based on a sample map. To use the layout by sample:

1.Save a Map Layout as Sample

2.Apply a Layout Template on Map

Layout by Geometry — organizes devices based on geometric shapes. To use the layout by geometry, see Applying a Layout Template on Map.

Auto Layout of Site or Device Group Maps

To lay out site maps or device group maps in bulk, do the following:

1.Create a layout style based on the network infrastructure of a site.

2.Apply the layout style to the map of the site.

3.Save the layout of the site map as a sample.

4.Associate Sample Layout with Sites or Device Groups.