Tuning Private Network Settings

Tuning private network settings enables you to check the real-time reachability of devices to validate the private access credentials defined in the Private Network Settings. After tuning, the private credentials will be recorded in the Private CLI Settings for each successfully accessed device.

To tune the Private CLI Settings, do the following:

1.Log in to the Domain Management page.

2.In the Domain Management page, select Operations > Advanced Tools > Tune Private CLI Settings from the quick access toolbar.

3.On the Tune Private CLI Settings tab, all devices in the domain are selected by default. You can select devices manually or by device group.

4.Click Private Network Settings to define your private access credentials. See Private Network Settings for more details.

Note: The Private Network Settings are only accessible for domain admins, power users, network change executors and other users with the network change executing privilege when private credentials are selected in Network Change Credentials Management.

5.Click Start Tuning. After the tuning process of a device is completed, you can click the corresponding entry in the table to view the detailed log of the tuning process at the bottom.

Tip: By default, the system tunes the private user mode login credentials and shared privileged mode credentials. To change the credentials type, see Network Change Credentials Management for more details.


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