A vendor often has dozens of device types and each device type may contain several models with different configuration formats. Consequently, a device type in the system may need multiple drivers to support all modes. The Vendor Model function associates vendor model information and other properties to each device type. With this information, the system can issue specific commands to corresponding device models for data retrieval.

If a discovered device sysOID is not included in the vendor model list, it will be identified as an unclassified device. You need to log the information about this unclassified device in the vendor model list first and then rediscover the device.

Adding a Vendor Model

1.Log in to the Tenant Management page.

2.Select Operations > Multi-vendor Support. Then click Vendor Model. The supported device types in the system are displayed in the left pane and all available vendor models for this device type are displayed in the right area.

3.Use either way to add new entries in the table list.

Adding entries manually
Importing a .csv file


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