Sharing a Network Change Task

You can share a network change task via the following steps:

1.In a network change task, click the icon and select Share Network Change from the drop-down menu.

2.In the Share Runbook dialog, specify the users that you want to share the runbook with.

1)Enter a username and then select the matched user account from the populated drop-down list, or directly enter an email address.

Note: To complete an email address, you can enter a comma, semicolon, or press the Enter key, Tab key, or Space key.

Note: Users in the To field will receive both a system notification and an email; users in the CC field will only receive an email. Make sure the Email Server Settings are configured correctly.

2)The subject is auto-populated. Modify it based on your needs.

Tip: You can click Copy Runbook Link to Clipboard, and paste the link in any communication tools to share the runbook via the link.

3)Type a message if required.

3.Click Share.