Task Manager displays both monitoring tasks and ongoing back-end processes inside a domain. You can terminate specific monitoring tasks or processes to save system resources from being occupied.

Terminating Monitoring Tasks

1.Click the start menu and select Task Manager.

2.On the Applications tab, ongoing monitoring tasks are displayed.

Tip: To open the map to view more details, click Open in the corresponding entry.

3.Point to a task entry and click Stop. To permanently delete it, click Delete.

Terminating Back-end Processes

Note: To terminate processes for discovery/benchmark tasks or on-schedule Qapps, go to System Task Manager.

1.Click the start menu and select Task Manager.

2.Select the Processes tab, and the processes running at the backend are displayed.




The task is being processed.


The task is ready to be processed.


The task is waiting in the task queue.


The task is completed.


The task encounters an error during processing.

3.Select the target process, and then click End Process.