Adding Paths to Path Browser

When you calculate a path and save it, the path will be automatically added to the Path Browser.  Additionally, you can also manually add paths in the Path Browser through the following steps:

1.Click Path Browser on the taskbar.

2.Click New Path.

1)Enter a name for the path.

2)Select an application for the path.

3)Enter the source/destination IP address.

4)The related gateways will be auto-identified as per your inputs. If a device has multiple gateways, you can select the target one from the Gateway list.

5)Specify the path protocol to be used. See Path Settings for more details.

3.Click OK.

4.(Optional) Right-click this path and select Create Reference Map to associate the path with related maps to better express network problems.

Tip: To calculate the path, right-click the entry in the Path Browser and select the corresponding options based on your needs.


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