With NetBrain, your entire network becomes a searchable database, and you can search for a device by using one of the following search terms:

IP address


Text string in Configuration File

Vendor/Model information

Device/interface/module property

Note: Whether a property can be used as a search term is configured in the GDR (global data repository).

Tip: You can search for a specific device exactly by Semantic Search, or search for multiple devices with common characteristics by Advanced Search.


1.Enter an IP address in the search bar.

2.Press the Enter key to start searching. The search results are displayed with the matched keyword highlighted.

Tip: When searching for devices by using text string in the configuration file, you can select the Configuration tab to narrow down the search results to those which match the keyword combination exactly in their configuration files.

3.Click the X L3 Neighbors hyperlink (for instance, 25 L3 Neighbors). A preview map containing the searched device (for instance, BJ_L2_Core_3) and its neighbors are displayed.

4.To display the preview map on the existing map, click Add to Current Map; To display the preview map on a new map, click Open in New Map.

Tip: To map multiple devices without their neighbors, select the devices and then click Map from the search results.


Further operations:

Viewing device details in a dashboard
Browsing device details in the device details pane
Viewing neighbor devices
Searching for an interface of the device


See also:

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