The system provides various ways to create a map according to different needs in different situations. The chapter lists all the ways to create a map and you can select based on your needs.

Create a Map from Scratch

Additional Ways to Create a Map

Enrich Your Map

Create a Map from Scratch

1.Click the icon on the taskbar and then select New Map to create a blank map page.

Tip: You can also create a new map file in your Desktop, or map devices from search results.

2.To add devices to the map, you can click Site on the taskbar or select Device Group from the start menu .

3.Select the target devices by pressing the Ctrl or Shift key on your keyboard, and then drag them to the map. The devices that have neighbor relationships in IPv4 L3 topology are automatically connected by default.

4.Click the icon at the upper-right corner of a device icon to extend neighbors for the device on the map. See Extending Neighbors for details.

5.Save the Map.

Additional Ways to Create a Map

Mapping Devices from a Site or Device Group

Mapping Devices from Search Result

Mapping a Path

Opening an Overview Map

Opening a Site Map

Opening a Device Group Map

Mapping a Traceroute Result

Enriching Your Maps

Extending Neighbors

Auto Link

Auto Layout

Design Reader

Map Page

Map Note

Map Style

Map Stencil

Browsing Device Data on Map

Highlighting a Map

Tip: To enrich your map with more device data, you can Apply Data Views to a Map, or Run an Instant Qapp.