Adding Device Notes to Map

Device note can be used to record and share network design, issues, troubleshooting, and other network knowledge. You can add device notes with network design or create a blank note to annotate.

To add a device note with network design:

1.On a map, open the Design Reader for the data unit that you are interested in.

2.Select several lines in the configurations and click the icon to create a device note with the selected content.

Tip: You can directly click the icon to create a note with the whole content in the design reader.

3.To create notes for more configurations, click Full Config in the design reader and repeat the previous step.

Tip: To merge multiple notes, select the notes, right-click the blank area, and then select Merge to One Note from the drop-down menu.

Tip: You can also right-click a device and select Create Note from the drop-down menu. A blank note is created. And you can enter some content based on your needs.


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