On a map, you can run Qapps to highlight devices and interfaces to check network problems or make your network configuration displayed intuitively.

The following table lists the network technology that can be highlighted by running related Qapps on a map:

Network Technology

Qapp Name



Check Access List on OSPF Link

Check and highlight OSPF interface configured with ACL.

Check OSPF Corrupt Packet

Check and highlight devices without BAD LSA log.

Check OSPF Authentication

Check and highlight neighboring interfaces without authentication configured.

Check OSPF Link MTU

Check and highlight OSPF MTU on neighboring interfaces.

Check OSPF Link Priority

Check and highlight OSPF interface priority on neighboring interfaces.

Check OSPF Network Type

Check and highlight interface network type on OSPF neighboring interfaces.

Verify HELLO Packets Sent Out of Interface

Verify and highlight HELLO packets sent or received normally.

Verify HELLO Parameters Match

Verify and highlight OSPF neighboring devices with mismatched parameters.


Highlight Specified ACL

Check ACL name and draw it on the map.


Highlight BGP

Highlight BGP configuration, AS, neighbors, and summary.


Highlight EIGRP Configuration

Highlight EIGRP configuration and AS number.


Check ISIS SPF-Log

Check and highlight devices with ISIS SPF log.


Highlight MPLS

Highlight MPLS configuration, interface, and VRF.

Per-VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST)

Highlight PVST

Highlight PVST topology information.

Highlight PVST Configuration

Highlight PVST configuration.

Highlight Switchport Mode

Highlight switch port mode.

Highlight Spanning-Tree Features

Highlight spanning-tree features.


Highlight SNMP Community

Check and highlight SNMP community with ACL configured.

Highlight SNMP Group Version

Highlight SNMP group version and security model.

Highlight SNMP Traps

Highlight SNMP traps and display related information.


Highlight Shared Tree

Highlight roles and configuration in the shared tree.

Highlight Source Tree

Highlight roles and configuration in the source tree.


Highlight Specified VLAN

Highlight the interfaces in the specified VLAN.

Highlight VLAN

Highlight switch trunk port and VLAN access port.

Check VLAN Allowed on Trunk Port

Highlight the VLANs allowed on trunk port.


Highlight QoS Configuration along Path.

Highlight QoS configuration.

Highlight QoS Interface Queuing Strategy

Highlight QoS interface queuing strategy.

Routing protocol

Highlight Routing Protocol

Highlight devices and interfaces about routing protocol configuration.

Static routing

Highlight Static

Highlight devices and interfaces with static routing configured.


Highlight Specified VRF

Highlight the interfaces in a specific VRF.

Interface speed and duplex

Check Neighboring Interface Speed and Duplex

Check and highlight neighboring interfaces with speed or duplex mismatched.

Interface MTU

Highlight Interface MTU

Highlight interface MTU.

Neighboring port mode

Check Neighboring Port Mode

Check and highlight neighboring ports with the mismatched port mode.

Interface rule

Check Interface Rule

Check and highlight the interfaces whose status is down and interface description is not null.


Highlight Redistribution

Highlight redistribution configuration.


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