An asterisk marked with the map name () indicates that there are unsaved changes on your map. To save your changes on a map:

1.Click the icon on the map toolbar.

Tip: You can also press the Ctrl + S keys on your keyboard. For the map which you don't have the editing rights of, you can click Map > Save As to save the map as a new one in which some data cannot be stored, such as data views, and runbooks.

2.Select a folder to save the map, and then enter the map name.

Tip: The files saved under the Private or Desktop category are only visible to yourself. To make a map file visible to all users in the domain, save it under the Public category.

3.Click OK. You can view the saved map file in the Files pane.

Tip: For detailed data that can be saved in a map file, refer to Managing Map Data.


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