Browsing Device Data on a Map

On a map with network topology diagrammed, you can view some basic configuration information about devices on device labels and interface labels, such as interface IP addresses and routing policies. To browse more data units, you can zoom in on the map.

Also, you can browse the following device data from the right-click menu on a device to learn the network design or troubleshoot network problems.

Configuration File

Data Tables, such as Route Table, ARP Table, MAC Table, NDP Table, STP Table and NCT Table

Tip: You can also select View Device Details from the right-click menu to view all these device data and more other detailed information at the same time. See Device Details for details.

Zooming In

Each map is displayed at 100% zoom level by default. You can zoom in by rotating your mouse wheel button forward to browse more data units:

Tip: You can also change the map display ratio through the zoom controls located on the right side of a map. To customize the threshold of display radio for each data unit, see Customizing View Options for Data Unit for more details.

Tip: You can view more detailed configuration of the devices in the Design Reader.

Fitting to Screen

On the upper-right corner of a map, you can click the icon to adjust the display ratio of your map to fit to screen.


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