Drawing Map Stencil on Map

1.On a map page, select Stencils on the map toolbar to open the toolbox.

2.View the Map Stencils pane, and it has two types of map stencils:

Shape — a variety of geometries including text, link, and tables.

Node — device icons for each device type.

oBuilt-in — the built-in icons provided by NetBrain.

oCustomized — you can upload icons based on your needs. By default, there is no icon in this category.

3.Select a shape and draw it on the map, or drag a device icon to your map.

4.Adjust the map stencil.

For shapes, you can click to change its size or double-click it to input texts.

For device icons, point to the device type (for example, Cisco Router0) and then click the icon to edit the device name.