Allocating Tenants to Front Server Controller

1.Log in to the System Management Page.

2.In the System Management page, select the Front Server Controllers tab, and then click Add Front Server Controller.

3.In the Add Front Server Controller dialog, configure the settings for the Front Server Controller, and then allocate tenants to it.

1)Select the deployment mode, and then specify the basic information about the Front Server Controllers. See FSC Settings for more details.

Standalone applicable to a single Front Server Controller deployment.

Group applicable to a failover deployment of Front Server Controller. A meaningful group name is required to help you identify it.

Note: The group name cannot contain any of the following special characters, and their length cannot exceed 128 characters.
\ : < > | " . 

2)Configure the SSL settings. The two controllers share the same SSL settings. It is invalid if one controller uses SSL, and the other one does not use SSL.

a)If SSL is enabled on both Front Server Controllers, select the Use SSL check box to encrypt the connections established from the Worker Server and Front Server with SSL. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.

b)To authenticate the Certificate Authority (CA) certificate on the Front Server Controllers, select the Conduct Certificate Authority verification check box.

c)If CA has not been installed on the Worker Server and Task Engine, click Browse to upload the CA file, for example, ca.pem.

Note: Only certificates in the Base-64 encoded X.509 PEM format are supported.

3)Click Test to verify whether the Web API Server can establish a connection to both Front Server Controllers one by one with the configurations.

4)In the Allocated Tenants area, select the target tenants to allocate them to the controller group.

Note: Each tenant can only be associated with one Front Server Controller.

5)Click OK to save the settings. The system will automatically elect a controller as the active one. Then the other one is standby.

The active controller displays Active in the Failover Status column, while the standby controller displays Standby. When the active controller becomes unavailable, the standby controller is switched as the active shortly for failover.

Note: If you remove an allocated tenant from a Front Server Controller, the Front Server registered to the Front Server Controller and the tenant will be removed correspondingly. To make the Front Server serve another tenant, you need to register the Front Server again.

Front Server Controller Settings

The following items (except Timeout and Description) are required to be consistent with those configured during the installation of Front Server Controller.




The name of the Front Server Controller created when you install the Front Server Controller.

Hostname or IP Address

Enter the IP address of Front Server Controller.


The port number created when you install the Front Server Controller for listening to the connections from Worker Server. By default, it is 9095.


The user name created when you install the Front Server Controller to authenticate the connections from Worker Server.


The password created on the NetBrain Front Server Controller page when installing the Front Server Controller.


The maximum waiting time for establishing a connection from Worker Server to this Front Server Controller. By default, it is 5 seconds.


The brief description to help you add more information about the Front Server Controller.


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