Resolving Devices Discovered by SNMP

SNMP-Only devices refer to the devices that are accessed by using SNMP but cannot be accessed by using Telnet/SSH during a discovery. There might be the following reasons:

Telnet/SSH is not supported for these devices and only SNMP is allowed.

The credentials configured in the Network Settings are incorrect.

The Front Server cannot access these devices by using Telnet/SSH due to firewall rules or ACL.

Note: The retrieved configuration files of the devices discovered by SNMP are incomplete. Consequently, some functions may not work as expected. It's recommended to resolve the devices first.

The table lists the SNMP-Only device reasons and their solutions depending on the possible causes. Contact NetBrain Support Team for further assistance.




CLI Configuration Retrieval Failed

The IP addresses that NetBrain can log in via Telnet/SSH but fails to retrieve CLI configurations.

Check whether the configuration is too large to retrieve.

CLI Configuration Updated Failed

The IP addresses that NetBrain can retrieve CLI configurations but failed to update Global Data Repository based on the CLI configuration.

Check whether driver is parsing the devices correctly.

CLI Connection Failed

The IP addresses that NetBrain fails to access via both SNMP and Telnet/SSH.

Check whether the network delay leads to a timeout.

CLI Non-privilege Login Failed

The IP addresses that NetBrain fails in Non-privilege Login.

Check whether the Telnet/SSH Login credentials are incorrect.

CLI Privilege Login Failed

The IP addresses that NetBrain fails in Privilege Login.

Check whether the Privilege Login credentials are incorrect.

Don’t Support CLI

The IP addresses that don't support Telnet/SSH access.

Check whether the corresponding device type supports Telnet/SSH access.

1.Navigate to Tenant Management > Muti-vendor Support > Device Type.

2.Edit the device type to confirm whether the Telnet/SSH is checked in Supported Operation.

Ping Failed, No Try CLI

The IP addresses that NetBrain cannot Ping and do not try to access via CLI.

Rediscover the IP addresses.


The IP addresses that NetBrain fails to fully access due to other factors except for the above situations.

Discover the IP addresses.