Configuring Change Management Login

1.On a map, right-click the target device, and select Change Management Login.

2.To change the management IP address, select a new one from the Management IP drop-down list.

3.To change the Telnet/SSH login credential or privilege login credential, click Available Username in the corresponding area to select the correct one.

Note: The shared credentials synchronized from the Shared Device Settings cannot be edited. See Network Change Credentials Management for more details.

4.Click Tune to test whether the device is accessible by using the new management IP or new credentials.

5.Select whether to apply the credentials to other devices in a device group based on your needs.

1)Click Yes.

2)Select the check box for each item.

3)Select a device group from the drop-down list.

4)Click Apply to apply the settings to the devices in the selected device group.

6.Click Submit.