Viewing Path Result and Exporting Report

At each run cycle, the system compares the current result of a path with the last calculated one and Golden Path. The calculation and comparison results are recorded and visualized in the Application Manager.

View the Latest Results in the Application Manager

Export Path Results

View the Latest Results in the Application Manager

The Application Manager shows the latest path results and supports a variety of filter methods to filter the results.

1.View the changed or failed paths in the Result, Compare with Last, and Compare with Golden columns.

Tip: Use the Filter function to search for the results that you want to view. You can use multiple filters together.

2.Draw the current path and Golden Path on a map to see the differences. To draw the paths on a map, select Draw Latest Path on Map and Draw Golden Path on Map respectively in the right-click menu of a path.

3.Draw the current path and last calculated path on a map to see the differences.

Tip: The Application Manager stores the last calculated path and earlier historical paths. To view and map the history paths, right-click a path, select View Path History, and right-click a history path to open it on a map from the History pane.

Export Path Results

You can export the latest path results to a CSV file. Click Export in the Application Manager and select Export Report.

Note: If you are using the Filter function, the exported results only include the filtered content.