Disabling a Topology Link

In order not to display a topology link on any maps, you can disable it manually.

Note: Only use this function when necessary, because it may have many impacts on other features, such as extending neighbors, building sites, rediscover network devices. The disabled links cannot be diagrammed on any maps even if the topology is rebuilt with retrieved live data.

1.Log in to the Domain Management page.

2.In the Domain Management page, select Operations > Topology Manager > Topology Link Manager from the quick access toolbar.

3.In the Topology Link Manager, click the hyperlink in the Total Topology Link column of the topology type.

4.Point to the topology link in the table, and then click the icon to select Disable from the drop-down menu.

Tip: To enable a topology link, you can remove it from the Disabled Topology Link table and then rebuilt the topology type. See Rebuilding Topology for more details.