For a complex network, such as a hybrid network including both traditional devices and SDN nodes, multiple branches can be defined by setting different conditions for each branch in a data view template. Every branch of a data view template can reference Supporting Variables to define its independent Variable Settings, Device and Interface Highlight, and Device and Interface Note.

Branch Conditions

The system provides two-tier branch conditions: branch type and branch filter criteria.



Branch Type

Specify the qualified node type and interface types.

Node Type — traditional device or SDN node types. By default, Traditional Device is selected.

Interface Types — interface types for traditional devices or SDN nodes. By default, all interface types for Traditional Device are selected.


Set more conditions to narrow down the device scope based on the result filtered by branch type.

Note: Only traditional devices or SDN nodes that can meet both conditions can be qualified. In other words, a Data View Template will only be displayed in the Data View pane of a map when the map contains any of these qualified devices or SDN nodes.


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