The following table lists the properties of a variable after it is placed on a device/interface position.



Display Settings

Modify the display setting of a variable for a clear understanding.

Add Prefix — a label added in front of the variable to help understand the meaning of the variable on a map.

Add Suffix —  a label added at the end of the variable to help understand the meaning of the variable on a map.

Display Conditions
(variable level)

Set conditions to control when to display a variable in a data view.

The default value - Always, indicating the current variable will be displayed under any circumstances.

If you select Condition Matched, you can customized the display condition for the selected variable:

Note: Whether a supporting variable of the current data view template can be selected to define the display conditions depending on the selected position. Both device-level variables and input variables apply to device positions; interface-level variables only apply to interface positions.

Note: Table-type and list-type variables cannot be used as conditions.

Add Hyperlink

Add a link for the current variable to refer to more information.

Add Drill-down Automation

Add recommended automations designed to analyze and troubleshoot a certain network issue, building a bridge to connect dynamic maps with network automation for diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Dynamic Golden Baseline Calculation Enabled

Enable or disable the dynamic golden baseline calculation for the variable.

This is a sample screenshot:

Note: This setting only applies to parser variables.

(for drill-down automation)

Show the conditions to control when to recommend a recommended automation on a map.

Recommended Automations

The name of the recommended automations correlated with the variable. Each variable can correlate with multiple recommended automations.


Configure the input of the action so that it can directly run on a map. See Syntax for Defining Action Input for more details.

Target Devices

Configure the device scope to run the action. See Syntax for Defining Target Device for more details.


Describe the recommended automation about its function or purpose.


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