The Basic output node provides built-in functions to analyze and display table data, such as highlight devices with particular configurations on a map, drawing devices on a map, creating an alert when a predefined condition was met, creating CSV report, and setting device properties.

Example: Drawing notes to neighbor interfaces to show mismatched MTU

The Basic output node consists of two parts:

Condition — used to define conditions to trigger subsequent actions.

Action — used to define the actions to take when the conditions are satisfied.

Defining conditions

1.Point to the table that you want to analyze the variables.

2.Click the icon and extend a Basic node from the table.

3.At the Output node, click New Condition. The Define Condition dialog opens.

Tip: The system creates a True condition by default, which means always executing the subsequent actions. If multiple conditions exist, the default condition is only executed when all other conditions are not satisfied.

1)Enter a meaningful condition name.

2)Select a variable and operator from the drop-down lists, then enter the value.

3)Repeat to add more conditions. You can use a Boolean expression to set the relationship between the added conditions, such as A and B, and A or B.

4)Click OK.

Defining actions

1.At the Basic output node, specify the execution logic to poll the table rows. The Qapp automatically selects an execution logic according to table data type by default.

Execute by rows — execute the basic output node by table rows. For interface-level data or multiple-instance data, this option is selected.

Execute once — execute the basic output only once. For single-instance data or device-level data in an attribute table, this option is selected.

2.Select an action. Point to the Output node, click the icon, select a condition, and select an action from the Action Node list.

Tip: You can add multiple actions in a Canvas, and these actions will be executed based on the sequence order that you add the actions.

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Draw Note
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