NetBrain has built-in Python functions to send HTTP/HTTPS requests to a third-party party system to query data via REST API. After you specify the third-party in NetBrain API Parser, you can implement the parser in a Qapp to further process the retrieved data to generate NetBrain Data View on NetBrain maps.

To help you understand the implementation flow of Single Pane of Glass, this section introduces a use case about ServiceNow Integration. In this case, the system retrieves the incident information for all devices included on a map from ServiceNow, highlight devices with incidents, and then display the detail incident tables on the map.

Use Flow

The following major steps describe a general flow to retrieve the data from a third-party system and display it in the system as a single pane of glass.

1.Define a System-Level API Adapter.
The API adapter defines a function template for the API Parser and API Server to work with a third-party system.

2.Add a Domain-Level API Adapter Instance (API Server).
The API Server defines the endpoints and user credentials to access the third-party system.

3.Create an API Parser.
The API Parser defines how to retrieve and parses data from the third-party system.

4.Create a Qapp.
The Qapp references the API Parser and defines outputs to analyze the data from the third-party system.

5.Retrieve and Visualize Data on a Map by Running the Qapp.
Run the Qapp to get data from the third-party system and display the data on a map.