Variable Mapping translates parser variables from one vendor to another, from one source (CLI/SNMP/API) to another. The system provides a set of built-in variable mappings, and also allows you to customize new mappings between parser variables of different vendor models. By indexing variable mappings, NetBrain Automation has more expansion possibilities on vendor models and data sources.

This is an example for multi-vendor and multi-source variable mappings through global variables. Each global variable serves as an alias to associate multiple parser variables

Note: Two variables in one parser cannot be mapped.

Using Variable Mappings

Variable mappings are automatically applied in many automation functions, such as on-demand/scheduled Qapp/Gapp, Instant Qapp, and applying Data Views. If one variable for a specific vendor or source is supported in NetBrain Automation, other variables for the rest of vendors or sources can also be supported.

Take on-demand run Qapp for example to describe the automation flow:

Viewing Variable Mappings

Adding Variable Mappings for Multi-Vendor

Adding Variable Mappings for Multi-Source

Prioritizing Data Sources Globally

Prioritizing Parsers for Same Data Source


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