Prioritizing Parsers for Same Data Source

To retrieve and parse data for different device models or OS versions of a specific vendor, multiple same-type parsers can be referenced and mapped. For example, for Cisco Router, you can use a parser "BGP Summary" for model 6500, and use another parser "BGP Neighbor" for other models. In this case, the order to apply same-type parsers can be prioritized.

Note: The priority setting for same-type parsers is shared across domains under one tenant. By default, newly mapped parsers have higher priority over existing ones.

Note: It is recommended that parsers with Filter Criteria configured have higher priority. The following rules are used:

a) When a device matches the filter criteria of the first-priority parser, this parser will be applied to the device. If this parser covers all variables, then lower-priority parsers will not be applied to this device.

b) When a device doesn’t match the filter criteria of the first-priority parser, the system will poll lower-priority ones until there is a match. Then Rule a) is applied.

To prioritize same-type parsers, do the following:

1.Click the icon in the table header of a vendor. The CLI parsers mapped for this vendor are auto-populated.

2.Adjust the order of parsers, and click Save.


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