Advanced Filter uses criteria and Boolean logic to construct more complex conditions for a parser to filter the applicable devices. It allows you to finish a complex filter condition by combining multiple device properties of a device, such as routing protocol, vendor, and model.

Defining an Advanced Filter

1.Click Advanced Filter in the parser editor.

2.Set condition A based on your needs:

1)Select a device property from the property list.

Tip: Whether a device property can be used as a condition for the advanced filter is configured in the Configuring Global Data Repository.

2)Select a keyword from the operator list. The keywords include Contains, Does not contain, Matches, and Does not match.

3)Specify the value of the property that you selected.

4)Repeat the above three steps to set more conditions if required.

3.Define the condition combination in the Boolean Expression field.

Tip: A Boolean expression can have the following parts: filter criteria (A to E), the Boolean operator ("and", "or"), and Parentheses. For example, A and (B or C).

4.Click OK.