Adding Variable Mappings for Multi-Vendor

Example: The Qapp "Highlight Interface MTU" is specifically written for Cisco IOS devices, referencing a CLI parser dedicated to Cisco IOS devices. To support Juniper devices in Qapp automation, add the required new variable mappings to a global variable as follows:

1.Click the start menu and select Variable Mapping.

2.On the Global Variable tab, create a table-type global variable "intf_table" under the Namespace "Interface".

3.Under the global variable "intf_table", create a global variable "$mtu".

4.Add mapping for the global variable “$mtu” by selecting two parser variables: “$mtu” for Cisco IOS, and “$mtu” for Juniper Router.

5.Save the definition. The mapping relationship between $mtu (Cisco) and $mtu (Juniper) is set up as follows:

Tip: If all variables for a single parser are required as global variables, you can import the parser into a Namespace so that all variables of this parser can be added as global variables at one time.


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