Building Qapps to Automate your Network Tasks

Qapp™ is an executable program that performs network automation, by collecting and analyzing live data at one time rather than logging in to a bunch of network devices via command lines one by one. The Qapp takes a group of devices as input and performs various analysis to generate a specific output based on your network tasks.

This section introduces the elements of a Qapp and how to write a Qapp to monitor your network status and troubleshoot network problems. For example:

Automate troubleshooting diagnoses — tailors a customized diagnosis for routing, multicasting, QoS and so on.

Automate compliance checks — detects vulnerabilities in configuration files to find compliance anomalies.

Automate network test and verification — tests connectivity or reachability across the network.

Automate detailed Inventory — collects detailed device attributes.

Elements of a Qapp

To get to know the usage of each Qapp node and how to compose a Qapp workflow in the Qapp Editor, see Elements of a Qapp for more details.

Creating a Qapp

Get started to write your Qapps. See Creating a Qapp for more details.