Global Table is used to define and store global variables for a Qapp. The variables in a Global Table are accessible in the places where you can call variables in the Qapp.

The data specified in the Global Table is also stored in the Qapp file. Therefore, when you share a Qapp file with your colleagues, they can reuse the table input or continue to edit it.

Functions of Global Table

Global Table is often used for the following specific purposes:

As a source for Device Queue to obtain devices. You can add devices in a Global Table, set the Device Queue to obtain devices from the Global Table and the Qapp can process devices from the table when you run it.

As an entrance for a Qapp to receive user input during execution. Because of the global variables fully accessible inside a Qapp, you can analyze data against the variables and output the results.

Defining a Global Table

In the Qapp Editor, click the icon on the Execution Flow tab. You can manually define a table or importing a table.

Creating a new table manually
Importing a CSV file


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