The following table lists the attributes of an API stub.

Column Name


Stub Name

The task name of an API Service Stub. Third-party systems rely on the name to recognize API tasks in the system.


The script that defines how to call an API task in a third-party API system. The script will be generated once an API task is created in the API Stub Manager. Click it to view the script in the pop-up dialog. You can also copy the script and paste to your third-party system.


An API task is enabled by default. You can disable or enable the API task under this column.


The mode of an API task.


The description of an API task.

Map Creation

The way of an API task to create a map.

Runbook Triggered

Whether an API task includes a runbook.


The author of an API task.

Reference Count

How many task instances have called an API task.

Last Modified

The time when an API task is last modified.


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