The If-condition node is a decision node, representing a test on the variables of a global data table from the Table Input or from the previous Canvas node. Different branches will be executed after the If-condition node depending on the test result (true or false).

Defining the If-condition Node

1.In the Qapp Editor, extend an If-condition node first under the Execution Flow tab.

2.Click the icon on the If-condition node. The following dialog prompts.

3.Select a node for True and select another one for False individually. Click Extend.
This is a sample workflow:

4.Click the IF node in the workflow to configure the detailed settings.

1)Enter the name and a description of the node.

2)Specify the statement type of setting the conditions:

Basicselect the variables of table attributes from the drop-down list and set conditions.

Note: Only applicable to the Canvas node which has attributes in the Global Data Table nodes.

Advancedenter the script manually. See Python scripting for reference.


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