The Define Change node is to define target devices and commands to execute on the target devices.

1.Select the Define Change node in the runbook.

2.In the Define Change pane, define the following settings:

1)Click the icon to select the target devices. By default, all devices on the map will be selected.

Tip: Point to a device and click the icon to select more options.

2)Click the Config Change tab and enter the commands that you want to execute on the target devices.

Example: Enter the commands to encrypt a password.
config t
password encryption {{password}}

Tip: You can use variables to hide the sensitive data in a command, and only users with specific privileges can view the data. See Using variables in a command for details.

Tip: You can click Load Template and select a predefined configuration template. To create a new configuration template, see Managing Configuration Templates for details.

Note: You need to define the new variables before proceeding. Click the new variable and define it in the pop-up window.

3)Select All Devices and click Append to add the command to all devices.

Tip: To clear the applied change command to all devices, click All Devices and click Overwrite.

Tip: To cancel a specific change, click the Rollback tab and enter the rollback commands.


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