Using Variables in a Command

When you define commands in a Change node, the commands may contain some sensitive data, such as passwords and values. You can use variables in commands to protect sensitive data, and only users with specific privileges can view the data.

Follow the steps below to define variables to hide the sensitive data in a command.

1.At the Define Change node, click Insert Variable.

2.In the Insert Variable dialog, add a variable for each data that you want to protect and assign values.

1)Click Add. The Add Variable dialog opens.

2)Enter a meaningful name for the variable.

3)Enter the value of the variable. The value will be decrypted to form the actual commands sent to the device when the system executes the changes.

4)Click Add Variable.

5)Repeat the above steps to add more variables.

3.In a command, enter {{ and select the corresponding variable in the pop-up drop-down list.

Tip: You can use the {{variable}} to create a new variable in a command and click the variable to edit it. The new variable will be automatically added to Insert Variable.

The system only shows variable names and hide specific values in the commands. Only users with the specific privileges can edit or view the variables and values.


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