Executing a Network Change Task on Schedule

You can set a scheduled time point for a change management task. The task will be executed automatically and sequentially when the predefined time point reaches.

Note: Some nodes in a change management task cannot be executed automatically, including Define Change node, Config Change node, Other Change node, Free Text node, Path node, Compare node, Data View Template node, and Verify Application node.

1.Open the target change management task, and click the icon to select Schedule.

2.In the Schedule dialog, select the time point to execute the change:

Execution Time the time to start the task.

Do not Execute After the time to drop the task if it does not start before the time.

3. Click Save.

If you are managing network change tasks in a third-party system, you can also execute a network change task on schedule via REST APIs.



Schedule a Change Management Task

Call this API to schedule a network change task.

Get a Scheduled CM Task

Call this API to get the information of a scheduled network change task.

Update a Scheduled CM Task

Call this API to update a scheduled network change task.

Delete a Scheduled CM Task

Call this API to delete a scheduled network change task in the “Waiting” status.

Note: A network change task can only be scheduled to run after being approved.