The Command node is to retrieve data from a device passed from the upstream Device node with a command and then parse the data that interest you from the retrieved data.

The system provides built-in parsers for most CLI commands. A parser is a file that parses and extracts major variables from command lines or device configurations for specific device types. When you enter part of a command, the related parsers (commands with applicable device types) are displayed in a drop-down list. When you select a parser, the parsed variables will be loaded in the Variable Tree pane.

Tip: The system offers hundreds of built-in parsers, which covers the majorities of CLI commands you will use in the network troubleshooting. Moreover, you can create parsers based on your needs. See creating parsers for details.

CLI Command is the most frequently used command type, which enables you to retrieve device data via show commands. Totally, the system provides six command types for different task scenarios:

Configuring a Command Node

Extend a Command node from a Device node. You can select the following options to retrieve sample data.

Note: If you have defined multiple branches in the Device node, you can extend one command per branch.



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