Exporting Dashboard to Word

1.In a dashboard, click the icon in the dashboard toolbar and select Export to Word from the drop-down menu.

2.Specify the document name and the storage location. By default, the document is named after the dashboard name with the timestamp attached.

Tip: To make the document only accessible to yourself, save it under the Private or Desktop category; to make the document accessible to all users in the domain, save it under the Public category.

3.From the Template drop-down list, select a document template. To customize the information displayed on the cover page, such as title and company name, click the icon.

Tip: To import a template and set the template style, click Template Settings. See Adding a Word Template for more details.

4.To save the exported Word document as a dashboard snapshot, select the Save as Dashboard Snapshot check box. See Viewing Dashboard Snapshots for more details.

5.Click the icon in the export toolbar to set the data size limit for the configuration file and data tables, such as route table, MAC table, and NCT table.

6.Specify the widgets you want to export.

Tip: To configure the settings for each widget, see Widget Settings for Dashboard Export for more details.

7.Click Export.

8.After the document is generated, click the hyperlink in the prompt message to navigate to the document storage location. Then right-click the target file to download it.


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