The system provides a built-in Word template. You can import your own templates based on your needs, and customize heading styles and fonts.

Note: Only the .doc, .docx, .dot, and .dotx file formats are supported. The Word templates are public to all users in the current tenant.

To add a Word template, do the following:

1.In a dashboard, click the icon in the dashboard toolbar and select Export to Word from the drop-down menu.

2.From the Template drop-down list, select Template Settings.

3.Click Import Word Template to select the target file, and then click Open.

Tip: By default, the system will use the heading styles, font, and table format in the template when exporting the document. You can also set them on the Styles and Table tab.

4.Click Extension to set whether to add the creation information to the cover page, including creation time, dashboard name and dashboard link.

5.Click Save.