Resolving Unknown SNMP sysObjectIDs

Unknown SNMP sysObjectID refers to the SNMP sysObjectIDs that are not associated with the Vendor Model table or not supported.

To resolve devices with unknown SNMP sysObjectIDs, complete the following steps:

1.Log in to the Domain Management page.

2.In the Domain Management page, click Fine Tune on the Start Page or select Operations > Fine Tune from the quick access toolbar.

3.In the Fine Tune tab, select Unknown SNMP sysObjectID in the left pane. The devices with unknown SNMP sysObjectIDs are listed.

4.Add the unknown SNMP sysObjectIDs to the Vendor Model table one by one.

1)Right-click a device, select Add to Vendor Model Table from the drop-down menu.

2)In the Add Vendor Model dialog, configure the vendor and model information.

a)Select the best-matched device type from the Device Type list.

b)Enter the vendor and model information.

c)Click OK. Defined is displayed in the Vendor Model column.

5.Select the devices by pressing the Ctrl or Shift key, right-click them and select Discover Selected Device(s) from the drop-down menu.

6.On the Discover tab, rediscover the unclassified devices. The devices are recognized with correct device types and models after the discovery is complete.

1)Select Scan IP Range to only discover the specified IPs.

2)Select one access method according to the configuration on your devices.

3)Click Network Settings to specify the proxies and credentials to be used in the discovery or keep it as default.

4)Click Start Discovery.


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