Setting Up and Maintain Your Domain

NetBrain Domain contains a collection of network devices, users, and group objects defined by the domain administrators. Each domain has a unique name and is administered as an independent workspace with common rules and share policies, including accesses and privileges.

Setting Up Your Domain

Before end users start to experience NetBrain Integrated Edition, the following preparations must be done to set up your domain:

1.Log in and Create a domain.

2.Configure share policy.

3.Perform the following actions:



Expected Result


Configure Network Settings

All Front Servers are connected

All network credentials are configured

Discover Network Devices

All managed network devices are discovered

Fine Tune

Clean Up Domain Issues

Resolve all managed devices under the following categories:

Unknown IP

Missed Devices

Discovered by SNMP

Unknown SNMP sysObjectID

Unclassified Network Devices

Hostname-Changed Devices

Create MPLS Clouds

MPLS Clouds are created based on a full list of CE devices with CLI access

Add Internet Cloud

All paths between boundary devices and the Internet are visible and can be calculated successfully

Add Generic Device

Devices that cannot be accessed are manually added to the domain

Resolve Duplicated IPs

No conflicted IP

Site & System Tasks

Create Sites

All sites are created

No unassigned devices

Schedule Benchmark Tasks

Benchmark task is enabled and executed successfully

Update Site Maps is enabled

Schedule Discovery Task (Optional)

Discovery task is enabled and executed successfully

Schedule Data View Template/Parser Task

All applicable built-in DVTs are enabled and executed successfully

Schedule Qapp Tasks (Optional)

Target tasks are enabled at a proper frequency

Advanced Tasks

Define Device Access Policy (Optional)

Users are assigned to corresponding policies as required

Create Layout Style (Optional)

All sites are associated with customized layout

View Domain Health Report

All issues reflected in the report are resolved


Maintaining Your Domain

It is essential to maintain the domain data and the system regularly. To keep the system healthy and the domain data accurate and up to date, the operations listed in the following table are needed. The Expected Result column indicates a good status of the domain.



Expected Result

Data Maintenance (Weekly Tasks)

Clean Up Domain Access Issues

Resolve all managed devices under the following categories:

Unknown IPs

Missed Devices

Discovered by SNMP

Unknown SNMP SysObjectID

Unclassified Network Devices

Resolve Duplicated IP and Subnet

IP Conflicted = 0

Verify Benchmark/Discovery Task Result

Last Result = Succeeded

Tune Live Access

Login = 0 Failed

Clean Up Unassigned Site Members

Unassigned site members = 0

Browse Map Update Result

All updates succeeded

System Maintenance (Monthly Tasks)

Cleaning Domain Data

MongoDB disk space utilization < 70%

Customize Auto-Update Schedule

Current resource = Latest version

Monitor Server and Service Metrics

Status = Connected

Services = Green (Running)

CPU/Mem utilization < 70%


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