Customizing Built-in Qapp Task

Log in to the Domain Management page.

1.In the Domain Management page, click Schedule Task on the Start Page or select Operations > Schedule Task from the quick access toolbar.

2.On the Schedule Qapp tab, enable the built-in task Highlight Routing Protocol.
By default, the built-in Qapp task will auto-generate a static data view.

3.Click the task name to edit the Qapp task by the following wizard.

1)On the Basic Info tab, view the task name.

2)On the Target Devices tab, view the selected devices.

3)On the Select Qapp tab, keep the Qapp Highlight Routing Protocol selected.

4)On the Time Settings tab, set a proper execution time and frequency. For example, set the frequency to Daily.

5)On the Output tab, click Submit.


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